Vacations, How Important Are they?

July 23rd, 2015 | Posted in Packing Tips, Value of Using a Travel Professional, Value of Vacations

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Sunset at the Lake

Sunset at the Lake

Hello Everyone!

I am feeling refreshed and ready to go.  We recently returned from two get-a-ways.  One was our annual trip to Connecticut to be on the lake with family and friends.  The other was a weekend away with friends.  This inspired me to write about the importance of vacationing.  It goes way beyond getting away.

There are actually benefits from our vacation  that linger with us long after we return. Taking a vacation with our adult children is cherished time.  It is ironic that children typically spend their high school years trying to get away from their parents.  Slowly through college and beyond, they come back.

A lake house vacation is completely different than going to a resort, eating out every night and being pampered by the staff.  At a lake house, you most likely are the staff.   This is where managing expectations comes into play.

We are converting our children from the notion that they are “guests” to the fact that we are all on vacation and everyone’s participation goes a long way!

Gratefully, Tina

Hawaiian Sunset

Hawaiian Sunset










You would think, with all of the technological advances we have made since the Industrial Revolution, that workers in the United States would have more free time to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Seemingly, this is not the case.  Stress levels seem to be at an all time high! Chronic Stress is dangerous to our health & well being.  Chronic Stress:

  • impacts our ability to have restful sleep
  • lowers our immunity
  • causes irritability, makes us down right cranky
  • negatively impact our health
  • interferes with our decision making skills

When we are well-rested and in a healthy frame of mind, we are much better able to handle what life throws our way.  Americans are under nourished when it comes to taking vacation time.  We are the only industrialized nation that does not have a formal paid vacation policy.  In an article written in 2007, the Center for Policy and Economic Research dubbed the US the “No Vacation Nation.” While we have literally no policy regarding paid vacation time, other developed countries are swimming in paid vacation time.

  • Finland – 30 days off, with 14 paid Holidays
  • 34+ Paid Vacation Days –  Spain, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Iceland, UK, Portugal, France, Sweden, Brazil

IMG_8078There is something in our culture that prevents many of us from even taking the limited time off that we are allowed.  We feel guilty or feel that we can be replaced.  The jury is out regarding the root cause of this mind set.  However, many experts agree that taking time away from the office in the form of a Vacation has many benefits:

  • Improved Relationships
  • Increased Productivity after returning
  • Improved overall quality of Life
  • Better able to manage stress
  • Balance to Health & Lifestyle

The key to maximizing or taking advantage of your time off is two-fold.  Plan ahead and know what you want to get out of your vacation.  The idea is to eliminate or mitigate the stress in your life, not to add to it.  One person’s ideal trip may be fishing at a lake 5 hours away.  Others long for a trip to Europe with all of the site seeing that they can take advantage of.  Some thrive on a ship with 3000 other passengers while others are perfectly content on a small ship that accommodates only 220 passengers.  Many families long for the welcoming beaches and unlimited food & drink of an all-inclusive resort.

Whatever vacation allows you to relax and enjoy your family or significant other is the right one; as long as you are on the same page with fellow travelers of course 🙂  Issue yourself a mandate to enjoy life outside of work or the household duties.  A well-planned vacation will reward you exponentially.  It is the gift that keeps on giving!

If  you would like help in planning your next vacation experience, please contact Tina at or 317-660-2080.