Answer the following to find out:

1.  Do you love to travel?

2.  Does the thought of unpacking once and traveling to many destinations sound appealing?

3.  Does that thought become even more appealing when you sailing  but avoiding large crowds and choppy water.

4.  Do you enjoy a smaller, intimate experience?

5.  Are you in the 50+ demographic?  Or are you in your 30’s or 40’s and planning a multi-generation family trip?  It could be for your parent’s milestone wedding anniversary or birthday celebration.

6.  Would you like to emmerce yourself in local culture?  Is the idea of stepping off of a ship and visiting quaint villages and towns something you’ve dreamed about?

7.  Do you appreciate great quality and value?

8.  Do you like the idea of paying one price and having all of your amenities from beer and wine with lunch and dinner to daily excursions included?

9.  Is a well appointed stateroom with a magnificent view or walk-out balcony something you would appreciate?