Intrigue Travel

Our Value

We believe that your time and your travel experience are invaluable. The time you spend on vacation with loved ones, family and friends is treasured time.

The Internet is an amazing tool for all of us, with a wealth of information at our fingertips! However, when we are spending a significant amount of money for a lifetime of memories, we may want to think twice about relying solely on the Internet to plan our vacation.

Here is the value that we, as a travel agency, bring to our clients and why you should think twice about relying solely on the Internet:

Service – We want you to keep coming back. We make sure that we understand what YOU are looking for in your travel experience. What is important to YOU. Only then do we match your expectations with an itinerary and supplier that will exceed them.

Contacts – We have relationships with our travel suppliers. We are set up with a vast network of people who’s job it is to serve our clients. If you have questions, we have ample resources to find the answers.

Independence – We are an independent agency. We are not employees of or biased towards one company. We exist to meet the needs and desires of our clients; not our suppliers.

Knowledge – Travel is our business. We continue to build our knowledge base with personal travel, conferences, symposiums, webinars – all designed to serve our clients.

Security – While we do everything to assure that this does not happen, sometimes unexpected events occur that are outside of our control. We take every step necessary to protect you and support you in case of unforeseen situations.

Comfort – It is comforting to know that someone reliable and experienced is taking care of your travel plans so you can relax, pack and enjoy YOUR experience!

If you appreciate the value in using a travel consultant, we’d love to help you plan your next travel experience!

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