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St. Lucia Honeymoon

St. Lucia Honeymoon

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share a picture of our daughter and new son-in-law on their honeymoon just after they got married in June.  The Wedding was beautiful and a surreal experience to say the least!

Our daughter and son-in-law did not have a Destination Wedding.   I did have the honor of planning their Honeymoon with her Fiance  as a surprise for Lindsey.  They both wanted sun, activities and the beach.   We surprised her with a trip to St. Lucia.  They both loved it which made me a very happy mom… who just happened to be their travel planner 🙂

I thought I would share some ideas for your next trip that might tweak your interest.

Whether you crave sun  & beach or immersing yourself in culture & history, we need to continue to seek out new destinations to explore, rejuvenate and marvel at what the world has to offer us.  Whatever your dream destination is, I would very much like to help make it come true.



It is an understatement to say that we are all different.  Your dream destination may not even be on my wish list.  If you are retired, then you probably have more time and resources to travel than someone building their career.  I hear from a lot of people that they wish that they had traveled more when they were younger.  No matter what age you are or how old your children are, there is a travel opportunity ready to unfold that will enhance your life forever.  Here are just a few trends amongst an endless supply of journeys that await you.

River Cruise on the Rhine

River Cruise on the Rhine

River Cruising

River Cruising has become an extremely popular travel experience.

Demographic –  Typically 50+ but edging downward.

Highlights –  Unpack & pack once.  Ability to see many destinations on one trip.  Cultural immersion. Tours, food, wine & beer with meals included with majority of cruises with upgraded amenities included on others.  Ease of getting on and off of the ship.  Ability to customize pre & post stays in nearby cities.

A Good Friend's Oasis

A Good Friend’s Oasis

Custom Tours, Individual or Group

Demographic – All ages

Highlights –  Control over entire itinerary.  Thoughtful planning with travel advisor to feature your own interests.  Intimate and very personal.  Ability to choose hotels and tours that match your travel style and budget.  Travel with companion or group of your choosing.  Custom arrangements can be as detailed as you need from having a private guide every day to incorporating some private tours and leaving some free time.

Viking WinnTomWineTastingGuided Tours, Individual or Group

Demographic  –  All ages

Highlights –  Ideal for the more social travelers who want to meet and travel with “new friends.”  Great for groups of  friends & families who don’t mind mixing with others.  Many escorted tours have a theme that tends to attract like minded people.  For example, adventure, wine, or culinary themes woven into a particular trip.   Structured itineraries.  Bus transportation is typically used to get from point A to B.  Quite a few meals are built into the program.

Girlfriend Getaways

Demographic –  All ages usually women 40+ celebrating a milestone birthday

Highlights –  4 or 5 day trip.  Typically involves wine 🙂  and a beach location.  Women are naturally good at bonding and this experience enhances their feeling of being connected with other women.  Yoga classes, cooking experiences and excursions round out these trips.


Demographic –  Couples expecting their first child

Highlights – a romantic getaway before the family dynamic completely changes.  The Caribbean was very popular.  The Zika Virus now makes that a challenge.  Hawaii has become a destination for babymooners.

England/Edinburgh/Paris Vacation

England/Edinburgh/Paris Vacation

Multi Generation

Demographic –  Every age group within the family

Highlights –  all inclusive resorts are popular for this type of group.  Villa Rentals are becoming very popular as well.  Most resorts have kid’s club options for all ages.  Families have the opportunity to bond and still have their own space.  The location is “neutral” so that no one has to physically host.  Many times this helps with the family dynamics.

To sum it up – there a many, many ways to travel!  What factors are important to you?  Are you needing some time with your extended family because you live all over the country?  Is it time to take that romantic river cruise to explore places you never knew existed?   Take some time to think about your next dream vacation.

I’m here to help you plan memories that you (& whomever you decide to travel with) will cherish for a lifetime.

To help plan your next vacation, please contact Tina at or 317-660-2080

Intriguing Travels

Eataly - Chicago

Eataly – Chicago

Hello Everyone!

If you are ever in the Chicago area be sure to add “Eataly” to your list of must visits.  No, it is not a museum.  Yes, there are plenty of those to visit in Chicago Land as well.  It is a food lovers haven!  It is also a marketplace for the budding chef, seasoned cook or anyone outside or in between that description!

When our oldest lived in Chicago before moving to New York City, we had the pleasure of driving up to the windy city with some frequency.

Quick Trivia Question – Why is Chicago called the “Windy City?”  It doesn’t have to do with the weather conditions.  It has to do with the bloviating politicians that Chicago was known for.  Not much has changed for politicians around the country if you know what I mean 🙂

Back to our visit.  One of our favorite moments of the trip  was when we decided to make dinner at her apartment.  We knew exactly where to shop!  Be warned – this is not shopping, this is an outing.  It is a cultural,social, downright fun experience.  We began our excursion with a late lunch. Eataly boasts 23 eateries on site.  7 are sit down.  My mouth is watering thinking about the carved roast beef sandwich on Italian Bread(of course).  It was the simplest yet most delectable sandwich I think I ever had.

IMG_3321As we stood at one of the high top tables literally licking our fingers clean, we discussed the meal that we had planned back at the apartment. Every option was at our finger tips. We decided that this experience should be accompanied by a glass of fine wine 🙂  We purchased wine by the glass and proceeded to walk around the entire venue sipping on wine while we picked fresh garlic, carrots, onion, tomato, arugula…

Next we moved over to the cheese and chose a pungent Parmigiano-Reggiano to grate over the carefully selected cut of beef and strips of pancetta that was to become the main ingredients of our Bolognese Sauce.   We also became a little overwhelmed with the variety of freshly made pasta options but finally decided on some type of thick, flat linguini noodle.

We finished at the bakery which we found by following the open hearth smell of freshly baked yeast and the resulting crusty creations.  Gluten Free palates beware – there didn’t appear to be options for you!

Eataly opened in Chicago in 2013.  It is co-owned by Chef/Author Mario Batali and restaurateur, wine maker, TV personality & author, Joe Bastianich.   The whole concept emulates an Italian marketplace.  The only thing missing is the outdoors.  We were there in the middle of  a frigid Chicago winter.  We spent hours exploring the treasures of our Italian marketplace.  Did I mention on the way to the bread we were a little distracted by the sign for Gelato?

Eataly can be experienced in Italy and Tokyo, We were happy to discover that Eataly is also in New York City which just happens to be where our daughter lives now 🙂

Indulgent indeed!



If this stateside experience causes you to dream about a trip to Europe, feel free to contact Tina at or 317-660-2080.